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Trick To Hide Text In Notepad

A Superb Trick To Hide Text In Notepad
Here is a small trick to hide text inside your windows default text editor i.e Notepad using command prompt, i wink Trick To Hide Text In Notepad but this trick works only on NTFS file system. Continue reading

Simple Trick to Lock Your Computer Using Mouse

computer lock
Today lets see a simple trick on how to lock your PC using mouse click.We normally use Alt+Ctrl+Del or Windows+L to lock our PCs.Instead of trying those windows keyboard shortcut keys to lock Pc, lets now tryout something new Simple Trick to Lock Your Computer Using Mouse .Some might have already know this trick already… Continue reading

How to Control the Order of Startup Programs in Windows

Well friends you may be very familiar with the start up programs..With the power to specify certain applications to run on start up but you definitely cannot control the order of these applications..But you certainly can do that by couple of ways..I got to learn the ways and sharing my knowledge with you… Continue reading

Dual Boot Your Pre-Installed Windows 7 Computer with XP

dual boot
So friends enjoying these days.Did you buy a new shiny notebook this festive season?And it is pre-installed with Windows 7, but you want to have Xp along with win 7[for any reason may be].Well I got to know the process how to do that and today i’ll share with all of you Continue reading

Steam Mover – Move Installed Applications To Other Drives

Steam Mover is a portable freeware windows application.With Steam Mover you can easily move installed windows applications, games and other installed softwares from C:\ drive to other drives say D:\ or E:\ drive.Mostly C drive runs out of space due to many installed softwares and Games by Game lovers. Continue reading

How to Add Copy To / Move To to the Windows Explorer Right Click Menu

Make your work simpler in Windows.Today lets do some registry hacks to add Copy to and Move to in windows right click.Yeah, making windows much more user-friendly according to our needs. This should be a very usefull tweek, it adds COPY TO / MOVE TO folder option to your right click explorer window, i.e if you right click any folder a pop up will show with copy to / move to options, Continue reading

Fix Windows Problem with Microsoft Fix it Center

Fixing your computer problems can often be difficult.Microsoft is aiming to make it as simple as possible with a couple of clicks. Here’s how you can easily fix computer problems with Microsoft’s new Fix it Center Beta.
Microsoft Fix it solutions provide one-click help for problems that are encountered in Microsoft products. The small portable programs are not available for every support issue a Microsoft user might have but their number is increasing as Microsoft seems to have grown fond of these one-click solutions. Continue reading