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Sandy Bridge: 10 Things You Need to Know

sandy bridge
Intel has now officially released its “second-generation Core” CPUs, which are popularly referred to by their collective code name “Sandy Bridge.” These processors represent some major changes in Intel’s design philosophy, and could have a major impact on computing in 2011 and beyond. What follows is a very brief rundown of the basics of Sandy Bridge.
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Scientists unveil chip with 1000 cores

Scientists have created an ultra-fast computer chip which is 20 times faster than current desktop computers.
Modern PCs have a processor with two, four or sometimes 16 cores to carry out tasks.
But the central processing unit (CPU) developed by the researchers effectively had 1,000 cores on a single chip.
The developments could usher in a new age of high-speed computing in the next few years for home users frustrated with slow-running systems.
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