MIT develope the inexpensive artificial leaf;

A team of researcher from MIT’s Nocera Lab, headed by Dr. Deniel Nocera, claim to have invented a durable artificial leaf using inexpensive and readily available materials and technology – therefore making it first practical artificial leaf technology. Previous attempts to make a man-made device that could perform photosynthesis, have been very expensive and non-durable.According to Nocera, the breakthrough came with the discovery of the cobalt catalyst that did the job. The artificial leaf is ten times more powerful at photosynthesis than a natural leaf, and this figure will go up quickly once the technology gets perfect. More clearly, the leaf doesn’t actually create energy directly for consumption, but rather, uses sunlight to split water into Oxygen and Hydrogen, economically. For now, the two elements are then used to generate electricity in a separate fuel cell, however, in the future an all-in-one device may be possible.
Nocera’s artificial leaf has been successfully tested to run continuously for 45 hours without a drop of output. Nocera says that a leaf dropped in a gallon of water could provide a home, a day’s basic electricity. Almost any type of water can be used, including waste water. The future of the technology is certainly impressive, with Nocera hoping to power the entire planet with a swimming pool worth of water.
And above all the good news is that, Indian Giant, the Tata Group, has invested significantly in the technology, and is currently working with Daniel Nocera and his company- Sun Catalytix- to commercialize his artificial leaf.

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