Toshiba unveiles 14-inch portable USB powered display

Well you may have thought of providing yourself a second display that may help your productivity increase, but the problem is you use a laptop. A second display needs power, difficult to stay mobile and most displays aren’t meant for moving as they come with a stand.
Toshiba does have a new solution though, that it has just unveiled. It’s called the Toshiba USB Mobile LCD Monitor and offers up a portable 14″ screen with a HD resolution of 1366 x 768.
While that sounds great, how have they made it portable? Somehow Toshiba has managed to reduce the power required by the display to the point where a USB connection supplies all it needs as well as the video signal. What that means is you have a second display that only requires a USB cable plugged into your laptop to work.
When not in use the screen folds down flat into a protective leather casing and is only around half an inch thick so that it can easily be slotted next to your laptop in a bag. In terms of weight it’s 3 pounds extra on your shoulder. Options on the display include the ability to make it sleep as well as a brightness selector to save even more power depending on lighting conditions.

The Mobile LCD will work with any laptop running Windows and is already available to purchase from for $199.99

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